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 Porkchops agro style

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Porkchops agro style Empty
PostSubject: Porkchops agro style   Porkchops agro style Icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2013 9:04 pm

So this is my fav way to cook porkchops. It really helps make em juicy and not dry.

Start with a metal pot you can throw in the oven (no plastic parts)

on top of the stove heat some oil and salt, brown the pork chops. (if you use onions you can put em in the heated oil.

Then I throw in a cup of veggies. qtr'd onions are great. things liek peppers mushrooms sprouts, bok, but usually just end up using a cup of frozen mix veggies (i nuke em for 2 mins first. drain most of the water but leave some) 

Next I throw in some flavor "liquid" (half cup tops usually less) meaning it changes from time to time. one or more of; oj, worchshire, bbq sauce, cider, beer, mustard pretty much anything with some flavour and moisture. 

I throw in some random spices, salt, pepper, bbq mix or some Indian flavours.

shake it around a bit

cover the pot with tin foil tight on the rim but poke a couple holes in it.

then i bake it at 350c for 20-30 mins depending on my patience. ill check em to make sure the chops cooked through.

serve on top of rice or noodles. when you get the hang of it the chops come out totally juicy and loads of flavour.

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Porkchops agro style
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