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 Charred Ginger Chili Corn

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PostSubject: Charred Ginger Chili Corn   Charred Ginger Chili Corn Icon_minitimeTue Aug 13, 2013 2:54 pm

In celebration of some epic wars this week, I will put a few more recipes here. This one I really like. It can be made with frozen corn, but it is much better if you just cut the corn off the cob for the recipe.

3 Tbs. cooking oil - I like olive oil, but canola or others work fine
3 cups fresh corn kernels cut from the cob
2.5 tbs minced ginger (about a 2 inch knob or so)
1 medium jalapeno - minced
4 garlic cloves
salt and pepper

1. Heat an iron skillet over high heat until smoking
2. Add oil and heat briefly. Toss in the corn and spread it out evenly. Let it sit for about a minute to allow it to char and start to pop.
3. Stir in ginger and chili, allowing corn to continue to char. When a forth to a third of the corn is flecked with brown stir in garlic and remove from heat.
4. Salt and pepper to taste.

Lazy Version (the one I usually use)
Mix the corn, ginger, jalapeno, and garlic all together. No need to be exact on measurements for ingredients, just a good amount of corn, some ginger, garlic, and a jalapeno. Dump it into pan with oil. Let it sit and cook, stirring occasionally. When the corn is charred to your liking, its done. I find you don't really need salt or pepper. I recommend a cover for the pan, cause occasionally some corn will heat and pop itself right out of the pan. Some ginger/jalapeno will char to the bottom of the pan, and that's fine. Adding more oil will cut that down some.

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PostSubject: Re: Charred Ginger Chili Corn   Charred Ginger Chili Corn Icon_minitimeWed Aug 14, 2013 2:33 pm

sounds awesome i love me some jalies
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Charred Ginger Chili Corn
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